The project is about taking a fresh look at Crowbar UI for SOC provisioning. Main goal is to mock user workflows that would allow to scale Crowbar to support multiple datacenters, a more flexible way to add large number of nodes and manipulate services, as well as control and customize various types of hardware groups.

<i>Note: Bellow links and images might not work without VPN enabled</i>

<b>Video recording here </b><a target='_blank' href="">Fresh look at Crowbar explained</a> (some new features on the live server)

<b>Running latest version here: </b><a target='_blank' href="">Temporary Server</a>

<b>Code here: </b><a target='_blank' href="">Gitlab URL</a>

<b>Sketches here: </b><a target='_blank' href=" UI Mock Hackweek.pdf">PDF with sketches</a>

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<img src="" width="600" />

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Hack Week 14



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