In the spirit of learning more python and practicing I will be creating a script to automate the work report emails that we send every week. This will not be a simple cron job because I have to catch corner cases of vacation etc. The next step is filling the workreport automatically by using the various API's that we can use (Bugzilla, osc qam plugin). The purpose is mainly to learn a bit more python.

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Hack Week 15


  • tbechtold
    over 3 years ago by tbechtold | Reply

    Do you know that there is already rapport from an ex-suse employee? See

  • ktsamis
    over 3 years ago by ktsamis | Reply

    Thanks for letting me know, I took a look at it. It has a lot of issues, since it has not been updated since 2014. It also does not really cover my first requirement which was to learn more python. But thanks for sending me the link :)

  • ktsamis
    over 3 years ago by ktsamis | Reply

    This is the result of the project at the end of Hackweek 15.

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