The KEF LS50 Wireless are audiophile grade powered speakers that are fairly Linux friendly. But so far they can only be configured via an Android/iOS mobile app. I want to reverse engineer the custom binary protocol used by the apps, and build a simple Linux application to reconfigure things like DSP settings on the fly from the terminal.

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Hack Week 19


  • aginies
    8 months ago by aginies | Reply

    There is this project:

  • aginies
    8 months ago by aginies | Reply

    So you already start it ?

    • kraih
      7 months ago by kraih | Reply

      Yes, i already wrote a tool a few months back to configure settings like input and volume, which represents about 30% of the whole control protocol. This HackWeek i added another tool to configure the DSP settings, covering the remaining 70%.

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