Geeko's Hack Week Gazette - Nürnberg Edition

Provide a daily news mail what is going on during Hack Week

  • Project introduction
  • Interview people about Hack Week and/or their project
  • all kind of interesting stories
  • introduce a just hired colleague

You can participate by interviewing people, writing a short article on your/another project or provide an interesting story/article.

The newsletter will be sent each night at internal development mailing list.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 14


  • locilka
    over 4 years ago by locilka | Reply

    Hi, good idea, have you seen this?

  • locilka
    over 4 years ago by locilka | Reply

    So, can I read the NBG report somewhere?

  • okurz
    over 4 years ago by okurz | Reply

    If you have access you can find them in the mailing list archives of Otherwise I think xgonzo will be happy to forward them to you on request.

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