The Goal is...

to connect all the sources of information from our houses to the lighting system to produce a dynamic home environment where information is streamed to the users through a noninvasive and disrupted channel and, this way, avoiding a chain of human micro mental interruptions, like the ones that we have during all day produced by the mobile apps notifications and/or wall panels sounds or blinks and that causes anxiety, stress, and human disconnection.

Since time is short, the challenge of the prototype is to try to stream the room temperature to the room lighting system (one room only). If the room contains a white ambiance bulb then the intensity will increase or decrease based on configured rules but, if the room has a color ambiance bulb then the color will be switching based on the same rules.


The Nerves app that is going to be developed and deployed on a raspberry pi, will be collecting the room temperature and, based on some rules, communicating to the Hue bridge through the local interface to change either the intensity or the color of the bulb of that room.


More information will be added as it goes...

Looking for hackers with the skills:

elixir-lang raspberrypi nerves

This project is part of:

Hack Week 18



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