It's not always straightforward to open a core dump originating from customer's environment, since there's a wide variety of versions of all the binaries involved - usual workflow is to install a VM with the SP that the customer is using, enable debuginfo repositories and then follow the buildid hints that gdb is providing.

However this sounds like a bit of an overkill. Lately, there has been a debuginfod project announced:


It might be beneficial to investigate it and find out whether it could be useful to our daily work when solving customer-reported issues.

@marxin has been spending some time with debuginfod recently. Also see thread on research ML.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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  • marxin
    8 months ago by marxin | Reply

    I would be happy if somebody can experiment with the debuginfod protocol. There's a status page made by elfutils people:

    and I've set up a server instance for openSUSE TW packages:

    Note that I haven't pushed elfutils (with debuginfod capability) to Factory, you'll have to use the devel project:

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