Ansible is great for easily provisioning systems and whole clusters. Compared to Salt it may be slower, but on the other hand it doesn't have to install "minion-like" software on the hosts it operates on. My very-near-future plan is to create an Ansible playbook for fast-provisioning Ceph clusters and automatically running a series of functionality tests on them. Also, I can see Ansible playing an important role on my efforts for automating virtualization testing.

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    • dmaiocchi
      over 1 year ago by dmaiocchi | Reply

      hope it helps: salt-ssh

      • cvar
        over 1 year ago by cvar | Reply

        Yep, I knew about salt-ssh already :) But this has always looked like a "me-too" feature to me -- and besides that I wanted to get to know Ansible anyways.

    • dmacvicar
      over 1 year ago by dmacvicar | Reply

      • cvar
        over 1 year ago by cvar | Reply

        Thank you for the interesting (and detailed) post! Also, please see my answer to @dmaiocchi :)

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