I plan to work on libgphoto2 Lumix WiFi support.

Status after Hackweek:

  • filesystem listing works
  • file retrieval for regular JPEG and thumbnails (RAW and Movie still get errors)
  • live view capture works (20 fps can be achieved)
  • configuration getting and setting works partially

Does not work:

  • capture ... it occasionaly works, once after restarting the camera.
  • large file download .... seems to cause hickups with curl somewhere?

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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This project is part of:

Hack Week 18



  • joachimwerner
    8 months ago by joachimwerner | Reply

    Any particular models? I'd have an FZ1000 to test with if you are interested.

  • msmeissn
    8 months ago by msmeissn | Reply

    I tested with a TZ91 ... If I could borrow your FZ1000 it would be appreciated.

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