I want to get an openSUSE based image working on Samsung DEX:


No idea about the scope of this task, it might be a 30 minutes job or I will end with writing new GFX drivers. But finding out is part of the job :)

Goal is to have a constant building openSUSE image in OBS of course.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 18



  • fcrozat
    8 months ago by fcrozat | Reply

    I have both Tab S4 and S9+, I'll be happy to test anything ;)

  • adrianSuSE
    8 months ago by adrianSuSE | Reply

    I have a working image meanwhile. (had only two days to work on it though).

    The good: * Terminal and GUI mode is working in general * Image reproducable (currently simpleimage + script)

    The bad: * binary only lod_daemon from ubuntu is needed * patched VNC server from ubuntu is needed (I failed to find the patch so far, even though it is GPL) * GUI is crashing when starting a more complex desktop

    ToDo: * Reached out to Samsung to get VNC server patch and agreement to redistribute LOD daemon. * getting VNC server stable afterwards * take care of sound / pulseaudio support * fully automated build in OBS (most likely using kiwi).

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