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    • zzhou
      8 months ago by zzhou | Reply

      hackweek19 openSUSE MicroOS/Kubic JUST Get Started

      Q: what the difference between MicroOS and Kubic?
      First impression from openSUSE Wiki is confusing: they are Tumbleweed variants

      Kubic DVD installation: kubic-template, kubic-master, kubic-worker1

      1. VM: kubic-template

      Kubic DVD -> System Role = kubeadm

      transactional-update pkg install yast2-network

      ( NOTE: not allowed, zypper in yast2-network )

      1. Copy VM to: kubic-master, kubic-worker1

      To manipulate overlayfs(/etc) on top of readonly rootfs

      virt-dup -o kubic-template -n kubic-master,ip=
      virt-dup -o kubic-template -n kubic-worker1,ip=

      1. kubic-master bootstrap

      ``` kubeadm --v=5 init

      [preflight] pref-light-check . [ERROR NumCPU]: the number of available CPUs 1 is less than the required 2 . [ERROR FileContent--proc-sys-net-ipv4-ipforward] bsc#1163328 Kubic Installer System Role should not disable ipforward . [ERROR ImagePull]: ... net/http: TLS handshake timeout NOTE: Need pull ~500M image from the bad internet connection.
      Have to give up from home, so far! ```

      Install Kubic with cloud-init and VM images

      1. "cloud-init ready" VM images

      2. prepare cloud-init CD-ROM: ci-data.iso

      ``` PWD=$(pwd) mkdir -p $PWD/kubic/cloud-init-iso

      cd $PWD/kubic/cloud-init-iso touch meta-data user-data REF:

      eg. meta-data: instance-id: xxxxx user-data: add your own ssh-key for passwordless access user-data: add your user/passwd user-data: root-passwd=linux

      cd $PWD/kubic/ sudo mkisofs -output ci-data.iso -volid cidata -joliet -rock cloud-init-iso ```

      1. boot VM img with CD-ROM ci-data.iso

      Enjoy passwordless ssh!


      • Two installation approaches:

        • DVD
        • cloud-init VM image is a very handy
      • BAD: so far, the internet requirement is to high to do kubeadm init yet to figure out the workaround for China

    • zzhou
      8 months ago by zzhou | Reply

      One more progress to make my Friday. I can move one more step with --image-repository

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