There is this rather new programming language from Mozilla called Rust. Its in development for over a two years and it is finally getting to some stable point and not changing every night or so. The language has many interesting features and concepts for safe concurrency and high performance worthy exploring. Thanks to my subtle desire to recover some long lost web programming skills I want to test how will Rust do as a, albeit very limited, web framework.

So my objectives are: (1) get familiar with Rust (2) get familiar with Cargo (Rust package manager) (3) implement something trivial (4) implement light weight web application framework just to see how it turns out (5) discuss results and compare to some other frameworks (e.g. Flask, Mojolicious)

Looking for hackers with the skills:


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    • dmacvicar
      almost 6 years ago by dmacvicar | Reply

      Good luck! I guess you will use the binary packages, but I have been packaging stable for a while:

      • oholecek
        almost 6 years ago by oholecek | Reply

        Yeah, I have already installed nightly version in container. But I will definitely check your package. Thanks

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