Have you ever received an e-mail that made you furious? Did you answer it?

If you did, chances are you regretted later. If you didn't, chances are to this day, you still feel the urge to reply to that e-mail from years ago and tell that f%<&|4g i%$·t one or two things.

What if you could answer but not answer?

Meet the "Send to Hell" plugin for your favorite e-mail client: you write your e-mail in full anger, you Send it to Hell, and feel accomplished and relaxed. Only it was never actually sent: it was moved from your Drafts folders to your Sent to Hell folder but never went through any e-mail server at all. But oh boy how relaxed you feel now!

This project is about implementing Send to Hell as a plugin for outlook.office.com.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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Hack Week 19


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  • Comments

    • ph03nix
      8 months ago by ph03nix | Reply

      This idea is awesome!

    • JRivrain
      8 months ago by JRivrain | Reply

      Fun but, well, if some e-mail makes you so furious, then probably something serious has to be adressed. I remember in another company, seeing a colleague of mine crying because an arrogant customer had insulted her in an e-mail. I'll never regret that I responded with anger to that one ! Though, the "send to hell" idea allows you to think of it twice before to eventually send it for real, so why not.

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