This project is in a very-alpha state. It's just a rough idea. Don't beat me!


Sometimes when working with SUSE Manager (SUMA), I have the need to perform some testing actions on a registered client. Although SUMA provides ways to do that (remote command, salt remote commands), these lack interactivity. Sometimes I just need to SSH into the client and do something (read logs, quickly tweak & test something repeatedly). This usually involves copying&pasting the client FQDN, opening a terminal, typing ssh root@, paste the FQDN and connecting to SSH.

The goal of this project is to ease connecting to & controlling SUMA registered clients via SSH.


Currently, there are 2 completely different ideas to implement that functionality.

Idea 1: Open a user-installed SSH and point it to the SUMA client

Use some web browser ssh add-on (like Chrome secure shell). Create a button in the system page in the SUMA web UI that would open the client, passing the needed data (host, post, user...) to it.

Alternatively, create a link in SUMA web UI with href=ssh://user@machine:port and make the system open it (via xdg, for instance).

Idea 2: Web-based SSH clients

Instead of a native SSH client, we could use a web based ssh client. This would need some kind of proxy between the browser and target systems for websocket/socket interoperation.


  • Path to system: the system doesn't necessarilly need to be accessible from the user's computer. It can be in the network with SUMA server, or it can be even hidden behind a SUMA proxy. Possible solutions:

    • run some "ssh proxy" on SUMA server and SUMA proxies (in a similar fashion like salt-ssh minions),
    • do nothing and explicitly target this feature for "intranet setups".
  • Availability of the feature: not all systems have ssh installed & running. We should enable/disable the feature in the UI based on the state of the system (we can retrieve needed data via salt (grains?)).

  • Parameters: we should allow adjusting ssh parameters (like username) before connecting to the machine. We could also enable some kind of "raw mode" that allows adjusting the ssh command line before connecting.

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  • pagarcia
    8 months ago by pagarcia | Reply

    Coincidentally I was discussing something like this at FOSDEM with @PSuarezHernandez where I was explaining what a TPAM is and how we could implement it using , which offers logging capabilities.

    This can be used to implement a TPAM

  • fkobzik
    8 months ago by fkobzik | Reply

    Hmm, interesting, I didn't know this one. Thanks for the tip Pau!

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