has an app store view. While it looks nice it does not provide the typical promises an app store makes:

  • apps resp packages offered there match the user's system
  • apps installed via the app store are safe and won't break the system

Only the official repos (oss, non-oss resp their update repos) of the actual distro of the user keep up to those promises. Therefore the app store needs some help:

  1. software.o.o needs to be able to read appdata from all maintained distros and store it separately. Right now it only handles Factory which might be a subset or superset of the users' distro.
  2. a browser plugin/extension/... that allows software.o.o to identify the operating system of the user as well as it's version and architecture. That way only matching software can be displayed.
  3. an alternative, fool proof approach to 1-click install. AFAIK e.g. Ubuntu has a special url handler apt://packagename that would just redirect to a local package manager. That way users cannot be tricked into enabling arbitrary third party repos. Maybe their software for the url handler could be reused.

So this project likely requires developers with different skills and teaming up to achieve the goal. The browser side probably can be implemented in Javascript. software.o.o itself is written in ruby on rails. The url handler may need some native code.

Since I am on vacation during hack week I won't be able to participate myself, feel free to take this.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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  • lnussel
    about 2 years ago by lnussel | Reply

    There's actually already an appstream url handler that is in theory understood by KDE discover and gnome-software:

  • lnussel
    about 2 years ago by lnussel | Reply

    appstream URLs would solve #3 above but precondition is #1

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