Rust Bootcamp

a project by SMorlan

comment: # (about the current state of your project)...

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a project by jevrard

For events like engineering summit or hackweeks, it would be nice to have a SUSE instance of, and have our own maps, wired...

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Uyuni/SUSE Manager containerization project

a project by moio

Deploy Uyuni as an app from the Rancher marketplace - or install via Helm on any Kubernetes cluster, on any OS, or any Public Cloud. ...

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Phoebe - where AI meets Linux

a project by mvarlese

Project Description

Phoeβe (/ˈfiːbi/) wants to add basic artificial intelligence capabilities to the Linux OS.

System-level tuni...

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Uyuni/SUSE Manager: Windows client support

a project by pagarcia

I'll continue the effort I started at last Hackweek to support Windows clients in Uyuni/SUSE Manager using Salt. When this is done, SUSE ...

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Testing and adding GNU/Linux distributions on Uyuni

an invention by juliogonzalezgil

Join the rocket chat channel!

Currently ther...

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a project by smithfarm

Dochazka is a long-term project to replace the obsolete Attendance & Time Tracking system used by the Prague office since 2007. Dochazka ...

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Reproducible Source/Build Transparency Watcher

a project by jzerebecki

Trillian is used for Reproducible Source, Build and Certificate Transparency. So it could be used t...

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Make geekos app available in SUSE EKS cluster

a project by digitaltomm

The current geekos install at is not reachable for employees outside of engineering. We want to move ...

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L0 Supportconfig Monitoring and Analysis using ML

a project by andavis

Create an automated L0-support-like analytics solution for supportconfig data that is tiered across a customer's environment and SUSE env...

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