This is about starting to use functional programming paradigms that get used more and more?

It is mainly about rewriting a small test program (repclean) in a functional style, using immutablity, parallelism and async techniques.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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    • asemen
      almost 7 years ago by asemen | Reply

      Let us do it in haskell?

    • yac
      almost 7 years ago by yac | Reply

      FYI: I'm not sure rep-clean is good choice for this as there is requirement that rep-clean runs on all the supported platforms (like sle9 through 12, some redhat systems, etc and then all the arches like s390, ppc variants etc).

      That's certainly not supported out-of-the box by SLE systems and I don't know how much effort would be required to be able to build & install haskell based rep-clean on those systems. However, that's probably only a packaging issue.

      What would be more problematic is if there is missing support in the haskell compilers for some of the platforms.

    • yac
      over 6 years ago by yac | Reply


      • Follow up on rainbow

      • Bug reports

        • cabal linking issue with sscce
      • Found cabal-install >= 1.18 is available in d:l:haskell:platform

      • Found tmux has no library to link against but the output can be get relatively safely with formatting and conditionals like::

        tmux ls -F '#{?sessionattached,,#{sessionname}}'

      • installed

        • FreeBSD test system
        • opensuse 13.1 singularity test system
      • Singularity

        • drafted RPMpackage promise and RPMPackageList getter
        • hit issues with running cabal install <pkg>. Turns out it's good idea to rm -rf ~/.cabal ~/.ghc and re-install after ghc upgrade.
        • also outside packages (~/.cabal and system ones) are visible inside cabal sandbox.
        • And weird things can happen in sandbox. I eg couldn't install happy with really weird error messages but outside of the sandbox it installed fine. And then I could continue with cabal install hlint hspec inside the sandbox (which implies the above paragraph)


      • Made os-release prototype

      • bug report

      • learn about haskell pattern matchin syntax to match only a field::

        fx (C { field = "foo" }) = ...

      and bind the whole pattern match via::

      fx (b @ (C { field = "foo"})) = field2 b


      • got prototype working

      • Added acceptance testsuite prototype to singularity. It distributes itself to the configured list of SUTs and executes itself there so it can be easily run wide range of systems


      • Turns out some packages are required only for the binary they provide. Like package 'happy' and you need to ensure you have ~/.cabal/bin in your PATH yourself. Otherwise the dependers won't find the binary and fail to build with correct error message, it is confusin.

      • Turned the self-distributing acceptance testsuite into a CI server. While ugly, it does the job for what I need right now.


      • parsing yaml is pretty cool

      • More progress on build server

        • Run jobs concurrently
        • Handle exceptions at connection and thread level so they don't take down rest of the job / server.
        • Configure the job via yaml file similar to travis-ci

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