OR test

an idea by ories

one moah

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Zero Trust vSphere Provisioning from Rancher

an idea by wjimenez

Currently, when Rancher tries to provision a Kubernetes cluster on vSphere, it needs to initiate API calls to the vSphere endpoint. In a ...

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Face recognition on nextcloud with TPU

an idea by jordimassaguerpla

Project Description

I have all my photos on a private NAS running nextcloud.

This NAS has an ARM CPU and 1GB of RAM, which means...

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Reproducible Source/Build Transparency Watcher

a project by jzerebecki

Trillian is used for Reproducible Source, Build and Certificate Transparency. So it could be used t...

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Support glibc-hwcaps and micro-architecture package generation

a project by alarrosa

The recent glibc 2.33 version recently available in Tumbleweed includes this change:

``` The dynamic linker loads optimized implement...

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mailprocessing maintenance

a project by jgrassler

Once more mailprocessing has developed some bitrot, namely this recent crash:

``` Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bi...

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Add RISC-V support in openQA

a project by ldevulder

openQA currently supports different architectures: x86(_64), ppc64le, aarch64 and s390x. In this project I would like to add support for ...

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Metabase instance in SCC AWS account

an idea by digitaltomm

Following up on the experiment from last Hackweek ( https://confluence.suse.com/display/~digitaltomm/Business+Intelligence+in+SCC ), it w...

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L0 Supportconfig Monitoring and Analysis using ML

a project by andavis

Create an automated L0-support-like analytics solution for supportconfig data that is tiered across a customer's environment and SUSE env...

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Can we (machine) learn from bug reports?

a project by gboiko

Bug reports can be a great source of information, but usually finding the information requires extensive work in reading through all of t...

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