openSUSE code

What is?

An IDE for contributing to openSUSE and SUSE.

What is trying to solve?

To contribute to openSUSE not only IT skills are needed, but also knowledge about how OBS is setup and how software gets into each distribution. This barrier discourages new contributor to join.

Assuming that the maximum ratio of Linux technical people interested in openSUSE is already achieved (there are more Linux technical people interested in Ubuntu), there are still non-Linux-technical people left that could be interested in contributing.

How is trying to solve the problem?

  • Creating a high level graphical application that connects to the OBS API and abstract the details of how the system is built and glued together.
  • Offering already prepared GUI controls that match the openSUSE/SUSE branding to help harmonizing applications and abstracting low level details of UX.
  • Ideally, the contributor should only need to know the programming language to be used and the name of the software if it already exists.


Get a mockup of the GUI.


  • Xcode by apple:
  • OBS extension for VS code (didn't found the link)
  • Desktop app for OBS (don't remember the name)

Looking for hackers with the skills:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

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Hack Week 20


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