Port some classic game to Linux

a project by MDoucha

Let's pick some old classic game, reverse engineer the data formats and game rules and write an open source engine for it from scratch. S...

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Workadventu.re at SUSE

a project by jevrard

For events like engineering summit or hackweeks, it would be nice to have a SUSE instance of workadventu.re, and have our own maps, wired...

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Send to Hell

an idea by pagarcia

Have you ever received an e-mail that made you furious? Did you answer it?

If you did, chances are you regretted later. If you didn't...

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Uyuni/SUSE Manager containerization project

a project by moio

Deploy Uyuni as an app from the Rancher marketplace - or install via Helm on any Kubernetes cluster, on any OS, or any Public Cloud. ...

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Rust Bootcamp

a project by SMorlan

comment: # (about the current state of your project)...

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Testing and adding GNU/Linux distributions on Uyuni

an invention by juliogonzalezgil

Join the rocket chat channel! https://chat.suse.de/channel/uyuni-distros

Currently ther...

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openSUSE code

a project by SLindoMansilla

openSUSE code

What is?

An IDE for contributing to openSUSE and SUSE.

What is trying to solve?

To contribute to...

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a project by smithfarm

Dochazka is a long-term project to replace the obsolete Attendance & Time Tracking system used by the Prague office since 2007. Dochazka ...

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Preserve SUSE's history

a project by fos

Project Description

SUSE dissolved an old warehouse, containing lots and lots of boxes with old SUSE / SuSE / S.u.S.E software....

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Add RISC-V support in openQA

a project by ldevulder

openQA currently supports different architectures: x86(_64), ppc64le, aarch64 and s390x. In this project I would like to add support for ...

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