For events like engineering summit or hackweeks, it would be nice to have a SUSE instance of, and have our own maps, wired with (open)SUSE's jitsi!

I am looking for folks willing to help on those 3 teams:

  • Hosting workadventure (before and seeing it how it scales during hackweek)
  • Integrating with our other tools (rocket chat, jitsi)
  • Building maps.

What does it involve:

  • contribute to upstream code (fixing self-hosting issues first, improving features like "interactions", management API, documentation)
  • integrate with different teams at SUSE to make it official
  • build maps using tiled
  • Enjoy the workadventure instance at SUSE!

We are syncing on rocket chat, channel #workadventure-at-suse. Don't hesitate to join us!

The idea for this project would be to prepare the hackweek by working on the hosting and the maps, then see how it scales during hackweek. We'll need your help not only to build but also to TEST and USE it during hackweek. Have fun with us!

Looking for hackers with the skills:

kubernetes nodejs social k3s

This project is part of:

Hack Week 20


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    • digitaltomm
      5 months ago by digitaltomm | Reply

      I'd like to help integrating the office maps that we created, for example:

      • jevrard
        5 months ago by jevrard | Reply

        Awesome @digitaltomm ! We are building a crew that helps on this, feel free to join us in our chats on RC! #workadventure-at-suse

    • mlnoga
      5 months ago by mlnoga | Reply

      @SaraStephens has a somewhat related HackWeek idea of creating a game for SUSECon. Please be introduced.

    • jevrard
      5 months ago by jevrard | Reply

      Hello everyone! This hackweek idea is progressing! If you want to participate, don't hesitate to join our rocket chat channel, or contact us here!

    • dleidi
      4 months ago by dleidi | Reply

      In case of need for more inspiration, I am aware of this instead

      • jevrard
        4 months ago by jevrard | Reply is not open source! :(

        • jevrard
          4 months ago by jevrard | Reply

          It's still a good inspiration :) @dleidi do you have something particular in mind?

          • dleidi
            4 months ago by dleidi | Reply

            I like the idea of feeling to be in the same office even if you are not. In these days where we are all remotes, there are people missing human interaction (not me though, I've always been remote, but still I am aware of this common feeling), and those guys are used to standup, go to the desk of the colleague, and ask questions or do some jokes. Of course this is not meant to "interrupt other while working", but more in the mood of acting in the same way office workers are used to. Like feeling we are back in the University study room or so :) , or even for huge meeging like workshops or kickoff: you could have an office with multiple rooms where someone is having conversations/presentations, and you can join just by passing by, more for brainstorming and sharing ideas every now and then, without the need of turning the audio on and off manually everytime or re-joining mumble rooms or Teams having meeting links or so, if you know what I mean. Imagine hackweek (just to name one) where everyone is at home: such a visual room/office would help feeling closer and having fun together, instead of alone. Just my 2c

        • dleidi
          4 months ago by dleidi | Reply

          Yeah, that's a shame, I know :/

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