Nailed is a great tool for gathering development data.

Unfortunately it hasn't seen any improvements in some time and some of the most needed data is not available (PR life, review numbers, open and closed PRs)

I want to either bring it up to speed or rebuilt it from scratch in a combination of python 3.5 + django + celery + rabbitmq in order to have a solid foundation to extract data from and have it available for our sprint analysis.

Points to have a decent solution:

  • Github Stuff:

    • Gathers all PR data
    • Allows to toggle on and off different organizations
    • Allows to toggle on and off different repos
    • All those tasks are distributed and run by celery
    • Tasks are scheduled to run on a X basis (hourly?)
    • Repos can be refreshed on demand
    • BONUS: Reviews are also gathered and their status stored (part of github beta api)
  • Jenkins Stuff:

    • TBD
  • Bugzilla Stuff:

    • TBD

Looking for mad skills in:

python3 rabbitmq django celery github

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


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    • dmaiocchi
      almost 3 years ago by dmaiocchi | Reply

      @itxaka, if you want to fetch info from PR the ruby library octokit is much more documented and robust then the python one.

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