Electron apps are popping up everywhere, from the Atom editor to the Rocket.Chat client to Kap, a cross-platform open-source screen recorder. Electron apps are based on web technologies, and built from the ground up to be platform-agnostic.

The electron framework is open source, and most of the apps are as well, but they are typically distributed (for Linux) as either a tarball or via npm.

At the very least, I'd like to develop a straightforward recipe for packaging an electron app as an RPM from a vendor tarball; at best I'd like to see how far we can go towards automating the process in OBS (for example, adding some electron-macros, and using linked sources).

Looking for mad skills in:

packaging obs

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Hack Week 15


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    • MargueriteSu
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      I am one of the maintainers for develadd-emojinodejs in openSUSE.

      Since you're planning to invent a way to package electron apps in openSUSE. I think you would like to know the current status of electron itself on OBS:

      There's currently no native build of electron in any distro. I am the first person trying to do this.

      I have finished "libchromiumcontent" package, which is solid and specfile taken away by many other distros.

      But I didn't finish electron yet. Its build script written in Python and focus on building electron on your own machine instead of a standard virtual build machine (it uses 'git' at build time). So we need to patch it and split dependencies.

      It looks easy but I have another much more important project to develop, that is the packaging tool for nodejs modules in openSUSE. It is the fundamental thing of nodejs packaging in openSUSE. see: https://hackweek.suse.com/15/projects/1880

      Any help appreciated on building electron natively.

      BTW: you can use the prebuild electron to avoid this kind of trouble if you have no interest in packaging electron itself.

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