Turn an android tablet into a drawing tablet

At the end of the project we should be able to use an android tablet as a drawing tablet in our Linux environment.

You should be able to draw and see a mockup on your tablet, after you stopped drawing your input will be transmitted over wifi to your machine, a short moment after the real picture will be shown on your tablet.

You have to be able to choose on which part of your X-Screen you will draw, and be able to rotate the screen, zoom out and zoom in. The input itself can be smoothed, before the real drawing will happen.



  • Receive and use drawing input
  • Mange shown screen
  • Send screenshot to draw on
  • API


  • Zoom in / out
  • Move drawing screen
  • Rotate drawing screen


  • Get all input as preceise as possible
  • Show a mockup of the drawing
  • Use Server API

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Hack Week 15



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