To teach myself Java coding and Android development - and because I couldn't find one on FDroid - I decided to write myself a little Android calorie tracker app for my own, personal use.

It's in a very basic and rudimentary state and - while it works - lacks a lot of desired functionality (like the ability to edit or remove entries) and many of the trappings of a "real" Android app (like proper icons).

The primary goal of this project is to continue development on the app and get it to a state where I can then put it on github/gitlab/bitbucket/… without having to be embarassed about it.

If you would like to join and contribute, I will figure out a way to share the git repo and the issues/TODOs I had in mind with you.

WARNING: I'm a total n00b in both Android and Java and my SQL is more middling than good.


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