Within SUSE we are using various systems for different tasks. E.g. GitHub and GitLab as DVCS, Jenkins for building or testing, OBS for building… and the list continues. Some of those systems can be interconnected in some way. But not every system can do that, especially if you are behind a corporate firewall and some (I'm looking at you GitHub) have a quota. So wouldn't it be nice to have something like a Big SUSE event bus, where every event we'd be interested in could be queried or subscribed to?

But before conquering the world, we have to start small. Let's start with GitHub! GitHub has a decent API that let's you query their system. The goal looks like this: Allow multiple clients to query information from GitHub without using the quota irresponsibly. It should also be possible to push state changes to subscribers.

So the event bus needs to be aware of already known information for one-time-queries (cache) and needs to query (again without depleting the quota too fast) GitHub for information changes.


  • Wednesday:

    • Define architecture and features.
    • Agree on technology used.
  • Thrusday:

    • Identify services that could be useful to integrate.
    • Create a prototype usable with github webhooks

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Hack Week 16


  • dmolkentin
    about 2 years ago by dmolkentin | Reply

    What's the status of this? I'd like to use it to receive notifications from GitHub and make OBS act on it.

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