Small footprint SES cluster and testing

a project by davidbyte

Build and benchmark some smaller SES clusters (2 - 3 nodes) targetted at edge deployments. Evaluate the performance and configurations.

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OSel (OpenStack extra light) ... VM managment for running virtualized kubernetes cluster

a project by thorebahr

Create a prototype of an agent on kvm hosts to control the distributen of master / worker nodes between different kvm hosts. No central c...

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Take rails for zombies course

an invention by riafarov

There are multiple reasons for this project. First, I want to re-cap my ruby programming knowledge. Secondly, this course is available on...

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openSUSE for Android

a project by adrianSuSE

Termux is already bringing a terminal and debian package manager to Android.

Let's see if we can reuse it and provide a base system wi...

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openSUSE-release-tools for Homebrew (macOS support)

a project by suntorytimed

OSC is already available on Homebrew, but it is missing the integration with Staging as the openSUSE-release-tools are not available. In ...

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Improve our 3D printers

a project by lrupp

Currently we have two sponsored 3D printers available in the Nuremberg office. Both are located in a lab - which makes it hard to access ...

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openSUSE on ROCKPro64

a project by patrikjakobsson

The project aims to port openSUSE to the ROCKPro64.

The ROCKPro64 is the most powerful Single Board Computer released by Pine64. It is...

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Polish filtra and move data collection to Postresql

a project by jochenbreuer

Last hackweek filtra w...

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Learn Crystal by porting part of YaST to that language

an invention by ancorgs

For a very long time, I have been planning to play with Crystal as possible substitute/complement for [Ruby](...

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Team Check Form

an invention by hennevogel

Move our agile team check, with some more elaborate assessment, onlin...

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