I have been building an archive of the x86_64/default KOTDs for some months now. It's time to make them available at least internally and write some web frontend to the archive. The frontend could do various things:

  • Display all packages for a given branch
  • For a given commit, offer the nearest commit for which there are packages (useful when bisecting manually)
  • Given a good and bad kernel, start a git-bisect behind the scenes and offer packages for download and testing

Looking for hackers with the skills:

git web scripting

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  • michal-m
    about 6 years ago by michal-m | Reply

    I'm syncing the archive to milos.suse.de. Just do mount milos.suse.de:/srv/kbuild/kerneltest /mnt to have a look. There are three subdirectories, each of them contains further subdirectories with the actual kernel packages: * linux-next, with packages from the linux-next branch of kernel-source.git. These are numbered by the timestamp of each linux-next tree (YYYYMMDD). * mainline: Snapshot of Linus's tree, built in the vanilla branch of * kernel-source.git. For tagged releases, the subdirectories are named after the tag, otherwise, an abbreviation of the upstream commit's SHA1 is used. * suse: These are our kernels from the various maintained branches. The subdirectory names use the abbreviated SHA1 of the commit in kernel-source.git. Only the default flavor (for RT kernels, the rt flavor) is archived.

    In all cases, only x86_64 is archived.

  • michal-m
    about 6 years ago by michal-m | Reply

    The archive on milos.suse.de is complete. Anybody wants to write a web frontend to it? :)

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