Apache Maven is a build tool used by many Java projects, which is incompatible with OBS in that it tries to download binary dependencies from the Internet. Several people have in the past years tried to somehow bootstrap Maven and failed.

My new proposed approach is a Maven, patched to obtain packages from a filesystem location, and packages with .jar based -bootstrap.spec variant plus source-based build for properly modeling dependencies in OBS. Unlike the SUSE Manager team's work I am trying to rebuild those .jars from sources. Where necessary I am patching dependency versions to the latest sources/jars packaged.

Work-in-progress packages can be found at https://build.opensuse.org/project/show/homeadd-emojihadoop.

The ultimate goal is to build Apache Hadoop for aarch64, including its native library support, which cannot be downloaded in binary form unlike x86_64.

Looking for mad skills in:

java packaging

This project is part of:

Hack Week 12


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    • moio
      almost 4 years ago by moio | Reply

      Did you consider using tetra for the Java part?

      Building Maven-based packages is pretty easy with it (including Maven itself). I am working on building a bunch of Java packages as well this HackWeek, and of course I am using it :-)

      • a_faerber
        almost 4 years ago by a_faerber | Reply

        Just seeing this comment now... I first investigated this before I knew of your tetra, but we already talked about tegra and I consciously decided not to use it: I already had a binary-repository-based maven bootstrap building for several months (see my maven package in the referenced repository). What I am working on here is rebuilding everything from sources, for which I don't see tetra as a solution (don't want to repackage all dependencies again, but converge on source-built versions).

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