While in the past MIPS boards were either low-end PIC32 or found in routers running OpenWRT at most, Imagination themselves have recently released the Creator CI20 board (Ingenic, MIPS32) running Debian. And the Shield Pro (previously iGuardian) kickstarter project (Octeon-III, MIPS64) promises to become a playground for testing KVM hardware virtualization.

Porting openSUSE to MIPS will involve setting up an OBS instance linked to Factory (update: done) and cross-compiling a set of packages for an initial bootstrap (update: in progress). Maybe this can be scripted to some degree, as there will be some overlap with the ARM ILP32 port project.

For lack of hardware, qemu-linux-user would need to be used for building in OBS, as done initially for the AArch64 port.

Looking for mad skills in:

mips obs openbuildservice

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    • joachimwerner
      over 1 year ago by joachimwerner | Reply

      Does this mean that ultimately I could run openSUSE on this thing?


      It's got a https://wikidevi.com/wiki/MediaTek_MT7620

      • a_faerber
        11 months ago by a_faerber | Reply

        For now I'm working on cross-compiling userspace binaries and bootstrapping core packages like rpm. mipsel with current default options should run on a wide range of devices; mips64 I'm building in parallel, which will be less widely supported. Bootloader and kernel support for individual devices I have not yet looked into at all - we may need to employ a similar scheme as for ARM, with devel:MIPS:Factory:Contrib:Foo projects for vendor kernels or U-Boot forks.

      • a_faerber
        11 months ago by a_faerber | Reply

        Actually I just received an AsiaRF board with an MT7620A. It's got a Ralink U-Boot 1.1.3, kernel 2.6.36 and Busybox on it. Not immediately usable as build worker, and chances are a Factory systemd won't work on such an old kernel.

    • a_faerber
      11 months ago by a_faerber | Reply

      An oSC talk will explain my bootstrap setup and the latest status, offering a platform for discussing collaboration.