I bought and started reading this book a little while back and also "played along" by creating unprivileged LXC containers on my own system.

I would like to continue this exploration by reading on in the book and creating, configuring, managing, destroying... further containers.


  • gniebler
    about 2 years ago by gniebler | Reply

    I worked through ~33% of the book and had a close look at these topics:

    • kernel namespaces
    • cgroups
    • lxc-tools
    • How to create a container without LXC's 'lxc-create' tool

    In the course of this work, I also did a lot of extra reading and my own exploration and I took +2400 lines of notes.

    I intend to continue this work in my free time and will probably turn all my notes into a series of blog posts at some point.

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