Mental poker is a principle and also specific protocol to play card games without a single trusted party. This includes shuffling cards, enforcing card visibility and commitment schemes. Imagine playing rock-paper-scissors via phone only.

libTMCG is an implementation of the protocol and SecureSkat is an application of this protocol/library to the popular German card game Skat.

The SecureSkat GUI was previously a patched up version of xskat, and last time I checked it did not work entirely.

The project is to either get the GUI to work or to replace the GUI.

Also libTMCG has an implementation about distributed key generation and I would like to look into a real-world application of that.

Looking for mad skills in:

cryptography guiprogramming

This project is part of:

Hack Week 17



  • AndreasStieger
    over 1 year ago by AndreasStieger | Reply

    I read the libTMCG and related papers and got some ideas for some other project. Understood the architecture and found challenges with the current implementation, in particular the network model. The controller speaks IRC directly - that needs further work, e.g. using GNUnet or some other method.

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