Based on an old customer feature request: zypper history command options so that it can show the security patches installed on a server and when they were installed, during a defined period of time.

rpm -qa --last

does not show patches.


does not have filter for security patches and does not show the names of patches as command:

zypper se -i -t patch | grep "Security"

In order to get the information, a user has to combine information from

zypper se -i -t patch | grep "Security"

zypper info <name_of_each_patch>

get name of packages that the patch was for

rpm -qi nameofeach_package | grep "Install Date"

The goal is to learn about the zypper source code.

Looking for hackers with the skills:

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  • keichwa
    9 months ago by keichwa | Reply

    Did you misspell the project title intentionally? ;) If not, here is a better version:

    Enhancement of zypper history command

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