Team Check Form

an invention by hennevogel

Move our agile team check, with some more elaborate assessment, onlin...

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mailprocessing maintenance

an invention by jgrassler

I've got an open pull request and an unreleased commit in mailprocessing that I haven't gotten to in...

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Package tmux-resurrect for openSUSE

an invention by SLindoMansilla



  • [http...
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Bring hamster 3.0 to openSUSE

an invention by mwilck

Hamster is important for may daily workflow, as I'm using it for time accounting. While `hamster-tim...

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Build admin-tools in a stand-alone environment without obs dependencies

an invention by dmulder

The admin-tools appimage provides several samba team YaST packages in a portable way, such as ...

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Testing GNU/Linux distributions on Uyuni

an invention by juliogonzalezgil

Join the rocket chat channel!

Currently ther...

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Support for DRM platform drivers

an invention by tdz

This project could get us rid of the last fbdev drivers we're stil shipping: efifb and vesafb.

Platform drivers handle hardware that i...

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Could we use financial prediction methods to improve our quality and performance?

an invention by ilausuch

In financial markets traders try to win money buying cheap and selling expensive. To do that they need to understand what is going on on ...

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Create a SAP Gardener playground and have fun!

an invention by dakechi

The idea of this project is to learn more about SAP Gardener and its capabilities. Evaluate potentials and eventually include some capabi...

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Build a community around pnp soundboard

an invention by Pastafly

Last hackweek I created the pnp soundboard ->

This time I want to encourage other people the...

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