Transact all the THINGS - sorting out my personal infra

an invention by RBrownSUSE

I currently have a lot of personal infrastructure that is in need of some tender loving care and transactionalisation


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Check health of my openSUSE packages

an invention by pluskalm

  • Check packages that I maintain or are in devel projects that where I am maintainer and update them.
  • Check bugzilla for issues filled...
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Make Ruqola Rocket.Chat client useable / submit to openSUSE Tumbleweed

an invention by zbenjamin

For Hack Week 19 (Feb 2020) main goal is to test, polish packaging, potentially do fixes and select a snapshot to submit to openSUSE Tumb...

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Migrate more OBS service scripts to pure systemd

an invention by enavarro_suse

Following the work started in the last hackweek, [Improve OBS service scripts](

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HelenOS: <filesystem> of a down

an invention by jjindrak

During the previous Hackweek [0], I have successfully implemented, tested and merged [1] an implementation of the entire C++ standard hea...

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openSUSE Tumbleweed release management internship

an invention by okurz


As an openQA contributor I could learn from openSUSE release managers how the overall process can be improved.


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Elastic Inference on Raspberry Pi with openSUSE Kubic

an invention by kukuk

The goal is to run the Elastic Inference Demo managed by kubernetes on a Raspberr...

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Kanidm: A safe and modern IDM system

an invention by firstyear

This hackweek I'll be working on Kanidm, an IDM system written in Rust for modern systems authentication. The github repo has a detailed ...

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Artificial Intelligence playground for Data Scientist

an invention by afesta

Project here: Will keep working out of HackWeek as "best effort" personal project to ...

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Take rails for zombies course

an invention by riafarov

There are multiple reasons for this project. First, I want to re-cap my ruby programming knowledge. Secondly, this course is available on...

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openSUSE Leap release process improvements

an invention by lkocman


I'd like to have the release process defined in markdown/git and use it as a source for process creation in redmine.


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Setup root-encrypted server to provide password via ssh

an invention by holgisms

You can encrypt your servers root filesystem, but need to provide a password during the boot process in order to "unlock" and start the s...

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Playing with ESP8266

an invention by lrupp

The ESP8266 is a low-cost WI-Fi microchip with full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller capability....

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gnome-shell-extension Floating Dock

an invention by xiaoguang_wang

Create a gnome-shell extension inspired from an Android app floating toolbox.

[floating toolbox](

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Monitoring my Instagram activity profile with prometheus/grafana and building a custom exporter

an invention by dmaiocchi

I want to create an exporter for a X instagram profiile using the Instagram API.

The exporter should export some metrics on my user...

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Exploring the front-end side in me: aka working on my drawing web-site

an invention by dmaiocchi

I'm building a web-site for my drawing/painting things.

This hackweek project I want to do more frontend related stuff like javascript...

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Without data this is just an opinion (SCC Analytics)

an invention by digitaltomm

Research on BI tools to crawl eg. SCC data.

This is an internal project, tracked at [SUSE Confluence](

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All our beloved acronyms in one place... also some Jekyll hackin

an invention by thutterer

Acronyms are fun. Everyone at SUSE loves them. Just sometimes… you might not know what one stands for.

[Meet SUSE Acronyms!](https:...

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Learn Crystal by porting part of YaST to that language

an invention by ancorgs

For a very long time, I have been planning to play with Crystal as possible substitute/complement for [Ruby](...

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Awesome People Management List

an invention by hennevogel

Start awesome/people-management and properly announce the awesome setup.

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Team Check Form

an invention by hennevogel

Move our agile team check, with some more elaborate assessment, onlin...

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mailprocessing maintenance

an invention by jgrassler

I've got an open pull request and an unreleased commit in mailprocessing that I haven't gotten to in...

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Package tmux-resurrect for openSUSE

an invention by SLindoMansilla



  • [http...
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Bring hamster 3.0 to openSUSE

an invention by mwilck

Hamster is important for may daily workflow, as I'm using it for time accounting. While `hamster-tim...

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Build admin-tools in a stand-alone environment without obs dependencies

an invention by dmulder

The admin-tools appimage provides several samba team YaST packages in a portable way, such as ...

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Testing GNU/Linux distributions on Uyuni

an invention by juliogonzalezgil

Join the rocket chat channel!

Currently ther...

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Support for DRM platform drivers

an invention by tdz

This project could get us rid of the last fbdev drivers we're stil shipping: efifb and vesafb.

Platform drivers handle hardware that i...

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Could we use financial prediction methods to improve our quality and performance?

an invention by ilausuch

In financial markets traders try to win money buying cheap and selling expensive. To do that they need to understand what is going on on ...

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Create a SAP Gardener playground and have fun!

an invention by dakechi

The idea of this project is to learn more about SAP Gardener and its capabilities. Evaluate potentials and eventually include some capabi...

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Build a community around pnp soundboard

an invention by Pastafly

Last hackweek I created the pnp soundboard ->

This time I want to encourage other people the...

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Ship f.lux in openSUSE Tumbleweed and Leap

an invention by xarbulu

I'm missing really badly the tool f.lux in my openSUSE machines. I really appreciate its usage specially when I'm using the computer late...

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Packaging libnvidia-containers and nvidia-container-runtime-hook

an invention by jordimassaguerpla

This is a follow up to

In the last hackwee...

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Contribute in the "Egunean behin" project

an invention by xarbulu

"Egunean behin" (means "Once a day" in Basque) is a really popular Phone app/game in the Basque country.

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Write a commandline client for the geekos

an invention by dheidler

There used to be a tool called tel that would show information about a user including his phone number, room number, etc:

$ tel ...
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Stratos Analysis Tools

an invention by nwmac

Extend Stratos ( by adding the ability to integrate open-source Analys...

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terraform-provider-libvirt on Homebrew (macOS)

an invention by suntorytimed

The goal is to package terraform-provider-libvirt on Homebrew to deploy the SUSE SAP and HA automation on a remote KVM host from macOS. ...

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Try mumble-web

an invention by bmwiedemann

To improve user experience for less technical users, a browser-based client would be cool.


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MicroOS for SystemZ

an invention by RBrownSUSE

A Community member at FOSDEM requested MicroOS for SystemZ - spend some time at Hackweek looking at it

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Colorizing old images on my NAS (or run machine learning deoldify algorithm on an edge TPU)

an invention by jordimassaguerpla

For my 40th birthday I got from my friends a very special present, an USB Accelerator that brings machine learning inferencing to existin...

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