Misstion Statement: Modernize kickstart to make it ready for the future. This includes rewriting it.

What is kickstart? Basically it is what the QA Maintenance Team (until recently) used to test bootcritical maintenance updates. And no. I has nothing to do with Redhat.

From what to where?

Kickstart (the present)

  • written in bash
  • currently unmaintained
  • uses qemu-kvm
  • raw-images
  • usage is roughly documented, the code isn't
  • monolithic

Jumpstart (the desired future)

  • written in a more sophisticated language: Python
  • easy to maintain
  • uses libvirt
  • qcow2-images
  • plethora of documentation
  • ability to rebuild VM-Images automatically
  • modular
  • independent of the underlying Virtualization Framework

Initial scope of the project

Because of the limited amount of time during Hackweek the initial scope of the project will center around:

  • Starting a conversation about how jumpstart should position itself between the other tools used internally. Can/Should it be integrated with other tools and why? (pennyworth from the machinery-project for example)
  • Coding the first prototype that will cover the SLE-Minimal Workflow with the most important scenarios.

Looking for mad skills in:

python kvm libvirt mtui pennyworth machinery

This project is part of:

Hack Week 11


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      Development and documentation is happening here: $> git clone

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