Perl-apparmor is obsolete in the apparmor community. No one is maintaining it. However, opensuse has to keep it to interact with yast, which is the main consumer of perl-apparmor. Getting rid of perl-apparmor would mean:

  • Creating a new interface (JSON) to interact with outside world (IOW, yast)

  • Modify yast-apparmor module to understand apparmors JSON context and reprogram in ruby, instead of using perl as a bridge.

Looking for mad skills in:

ruby yast apparmor

This project is part of:

Hack Week 15


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    • goldwynr
      almost 2 years ago by goldwynr | Reply

      Status update after Hackweek:

      Posted two patches to apparmor mailing list and got the response that creating a profile checking system inside yast would be very painful, just add a dumb window to update the profiles. JSON communications with tools would improve profiling using logprof.

      Profiles are now sought using aa-status --json and displayed. Y2DIR=src /usr/sbin/yast profiles Note this requires the latest apparmor which has aa-status --json feature.

      TODO: 1, Integrate profile display into apparmor tool to replace of "Configure" button in the Settings screen. 2. A dumb window for profile editing 3. Profile addition using aa-autodep 4. A new subtool for Logprofiling using aa-logprof --json

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