Add subcommand support for zypper. That is, if 'zypper foo' is not found, look for %{_libexec}/zypper/zypper-foo just like git does. Then those subcommands could be binaries linked to libzypp or just scripts.

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  • maweiss
    about 6 years ago by maweiss | Reply

    I know this is not directly relevant, but IMHO there should also be an option that removes a package with all their dependencies (if they are not used by another package)

  • jreidinger
    about 6 years ago by jreidinger | Reply

    @maweis - it is already there. Try zypper rm -u

    • maweiss
      about 6 years ago by maweiss | Reply

      @jreidinger - thanks! Should have looked more carefully into man page. I have remembered it not being there some time ago. Definitely going to use it in the future :)

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