Microsoft released Windows Server 2016 at October, 2016. In the data center edition, it released Storage Spaces Direct features for SDS/HCI market. What are those new features looks like?

Proxmox a open-source company based in Vienna, which provides a linux cluster stack for kvm/lxc environment. What HA Storage related new ideas inside?

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  • zzhou
    over 2 years ago by zzhou | Reply


    • a open-source company at Vienna, which provides a linux cluster stack for kvm/lxc.
    • Proxmox file system (pmxfs) leverages the cluster protocol layer corosync: o the size is very limited, less than 30M. o It is the userspace cluster file system based on FUSE. o Sharing nothing = No shared storage.

    • Inspired Ideas ? o a shared clustered Kernel Space data structures ?


    • Traditional Storage Spaces
    • Cluster Storage Spaces
    • Storage Spaces Direct – WS2016, Datacenter Edition, GA at Oct 2016

    • Scale-out Hyper Converged Infra. for Small-Medium Enterprise.

    • Features Parity: o a cluster up to 16 servers support Hyper-V rolling upgrade. o Disk Tiering (SSD + HDD) ==> bcache ? o ReFS combines mirroring(hot data) and erasure coding(cold data) ==> ceph/fs ? o Storage Replica replicates blocks instead of files ==> ceph ? o CSV cluster shared storage volumes with ReFS underline. o RDMA networking across nodes

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