How-to guide on switching from docker/docker-compose to a cri-o/k8s world

In this project I basically want to explore how you can move your containers (including its data and overlayfs2 layers) from Docker based docker-compose setup to a cri-o based k8s setup. This will mainly include doing a lot of research and try to find out the differences and how to transfer all the stuff without much downtime. It might also include some tooling effort.


  • Provide a basic step-by-step documentation on how to switch from docker/docker-compose to cri-o/k8s
  • Improve existing or introduce new tooling to automate some of the steps to make it easier to switch
  • Not only include the docker-compose to k8s switch but also how to migrate your Dockerfiles and build unavailable images for cri-o
  • Learn more about cri-o and k8s and try to understand how to use those effectively on a development and single-node setup


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