Mycroft is the name of a suite of software and hardware tools that use natural language processing and machine learning to provide an open source voice assistant.

In the hackeweek, I would learn to clarify the software stack by understanding how Mycroft glue them together. I would like to seek possibilities to extend the voice control's ability (mycroft jargon: Intents and Skills) to control regular gnome desktop.


  • qkzhu
    over 1 year ago by qkzhu | Reply

    Just another open source virtual assistant project:


    And they even provide a Linux desktop version:


    • yfjiang
      over 1 year ago by yfjiang | Reply

      Thank you chingkai. They seem have very similar purpose and compete directly. It's impressed the Almond invents the ThingTalk in javascript to describe the when-get-do structure.

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