I use the KDevelop IDE whenever I can. At SUSE mostly for reading code while debugging some bug. My plan is to create plugin that will show extra information inline with the code to make it easier to explore foreign code.

Examples include showing names of function parameters at call site, elided types of variables (e.g. C++ auto, lambda parameters), comments next to closing brackets etc.

Example screenshot

First step is to create interface for katepart that will allow rendering notes in the text. I have already worked on it in the past and sent first version for comments, but I did not have time to finish it: https://phabricator.kde.org/D12662

Second step is to use this interface in a new kdevelop plugin.


  • michalsrb
    about 2 years ago by michalsrb | Reply

    And here is the result after week of hacking:

    Animated screenshot with features

    The source is here: https://github.com/michalsrb/kdev-sourceinfo

    It is very hacky (it was done in a hackweek after all) and requires the patched ktexteditor (linked above) and patched kdevelop that provides more information about the code (to be upstreamed).

    The implemented features:

    • Showing function argument names at call site.
    • Showing default values of function arguments in function definition and at call site.
    • Showing the actual type of auto variables.
    • Showing visualisation of struct field sizes and paddings.
    • Showing value of enum constants.

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