The basic idea behind learning language is to ensure three parts:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Regular practice

As grammar can barely be automated i would like to focus on two last parts.

Application build for Android should be able to:

  • add new words in foreign language to local database
  • add translation for added words
  • be able to randomly show cards with words from local DB and
    • on click provide translation
    • on swipe provide next word

This is learning project.

For those, who need real helper in memorizing something - @mvidner suggest which is amazing

Looking for mad skills in:

Nothing? Add some keywords!

This project is part of:

Hack Week 10


  • digitaltomm
    over 6 years ago by digitaltomm | Reply

    Let's do it with ruboto! (

  • mvidner
    over 6 years ago by mvidner | Reply

    Apparently you have an unstated goal "write an Android app". Otherwise, why reinvent the wheel? I've been using AnkiDroid for this.

  • kalabiyau
    over 6 years ago by kalabiyau | Reply

    @mvidner sure thing, i just wanted to write an android app :)

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