I want to understand the basics and architecture of KMS / DRM drivers in the kernel (also in mesa, but this project is more about the kernel-side). I will read docs and attempt to implement a virtual kernel-mode-setting driver (vkms) as described in Documentation/gpu/todo. This would be a KMS driver for a fake modesetting graphics device, just using normal system memory. This can be useful for learning, but judging from dri-developer discussions, also useful for testing hotplug races, plane blending and finding other KMS/DRI infrastructure bugs.

Some items to implement:

  • set up virtual planes/crtcs/connectors in configfs and then hotplug the entire vkms device

  • PRIME (dmabuf) for buffer importing/exporting, perhaps mmaping memory as vgem does.

  • Maybe some v4l framegrabber or very simple rendering

Documentation / pointers:


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