Write a simple command line tool for getting the open pull request from github and put it into a trello card. The tool should periodically update a list of pull request. In addition it would be great to have a connection between the trello card and github pull request.


  • bmwiedemann
    almost 6 years ago by bmwiedemann | Reply

    For the github side there is rubygem-hub and prophet to interface with the API. Trello also has some API and uses tokens (can be seen in trollolo project)

  • vlewin
    almost 6 years ago by vlewin | Reply

    Thank you for a comment and suggestions. We already use a github API gem in the reviewlette (https://github.com/jschmid1/reviewlette) and Trello API gem in the trello2wr gem (https://github.com/vlewin/trello2wr). All what we need to do is to combine it all together with clean library API so it can be used in a different tools for different purposes.

  • lslezak
    almost 6 years ago by lslezak | Reply

    Very nice! For Yast we sent an email everyday with a summary of open pull requests. Integration with Trello would be a better solution...

  • vlewin
    almost 6 years ago by vlewin | Reply

    Unfortunately I was working on another project but will start to hack on this project asap I have a time (Idea for the next hackweek/workshop/weekend/holiday).

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