The Khadas VIM ( is an arm64 DIY Set-Top-Box based on Amlogic P212 reference board that use S905X SoC.

As Odroid-C2 (based on S905 SoC) is in the mainline U-boot, it should be possible to adapt it for the Khadas VIM (of course a lot of work are needed!). It's also possible to try using the Amlogic code found in the 2015.01 version of U-Boot.

Also, Khadas VIM is supported in the mainline kernel, so when we will have a working U-Boot, installation and boot of openSUSE Tumbleweed with EFI should be possible.

The upgrade version, the VIM2, is based on an Amlogic S912 SoC, which is an upgraded version of the S905X SoC. Both are now supported in mainstream Linux Kernel (4.12 for Khadas VIM and next 4.14 for Khadas VIM2).

For me, the goal of this project is to better understand how U-boot and Amlogic SoCs are working.

I'm pretty sure that my U-Boot version will not not work at the end of the week, but I hope that my knowledge of it will be improved!

Update of 12 October 2017:

  • U-Boot support is on a good way for P212 board, see Thanks to BayLibre guys! So I will use these patches to see if VIM can boot. First I will have a look at the code to better understand U-boot :)

Update of 24 Octobre 2017:

  • Minimal U-Boot is booting on VIM board and EFI boot works, as openSUSE TW installation iso boots. I need to add needed modules to be able to install it.

Update for July 2018:

  • Board is working with official U-Boot and openSUSE TW. I will try to create add u-boot support for that board for TW and create and wiki page for openSUSE during HackWeek 17.

Update of 13 July 2018:

  • Khadas VIM is working well with latest U-Boot version (a patch is still needed for USB boot) and latest openSUSE TW. Wikipage as been created for it and also for another SBC with pretty much the same hardware, the Libretech-CC.
  • My work will now focus on Khadas VIM2 board: U-boot is working with patches from BayLibre (apart USB), I found an issue with MMU initialization in U-Boot and I was able to fix it. Patch has been sent to Neil Armstrong of BayLibre for inclusion in his VIM2 patches.

Looking for mad skills in:

khadas vim aarch64 arm64 arm u-boot uboot kernel

This project is part of:

Hack Week 16 Hack Week 17


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