This is more like a learning project for me as a new hire, so please do not expect too much, :-)

Compare difference of maintain flow for Libvirt and QEMU between SLE and HPE Linux

1. openSUSE vs Debian

2. SEL vs HPE Linux

Setup build environment for both SLE and HPE Linux/Debian

1. Build qemu with Pbuilder

2. Docker+gbp for Debian package

3. Docker+gbp-rpm for Suse package

Same as 2, but with new tool git-buildpackage-rpm, a reference could be found here

4. OBS for openSUSE Package

5. OBS for Debian Package

Setup a CI/CT for Libvirt and QEMU by Gitlab+Jenkins+OBS+OpenQA

This may not be a good idea, because OBS is already a powerful and integrated build tool, like github+pbuilder we talked above, but I will try to corporate them together as a learning project.

1. Github+OBS Source service

2. Seup a OpenQA Done

3. Jenkins + OBS

4. OBS Plugin, Second development

To make OBS support osc pull push function to connect with a github repo. Current osc always need a spec file as a start, and for source service with github, it only works as a source option inside spec file, I am wandering if we could we start a osc project from empty, and all SUSE stuff is saved in github repo, there is also a connect between osc changelog and git log.


  • jfehlig
    about 4 years ago by jfehlig | Reply

    Liang, does the HPE Linux contain any non-upstream patches for kernel, qemu, or, libvirt?

    • lyan
      about 4 years ago by lyan | Reply

      yes, kernel libvirt and qemu which are foreign packages, they do have extra patches rather than Debian/jessie, these patches come from security update, new feature from upstream, bug fix and so on.

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