Saltstack is the only configuration management solution that does not look like a ball of hair. is a prototype of a Spacewalk-like console using Spacewalk as the server and client engine.

It uses Python, Flask and React.js.

The goal would be a simple user interface, and not a port of the command line or json files to a web user interface, like most puppet/chef/salt web user interfaces look like.

Looking for mad skills in:

saltstack reactjs python opensuse

This project is part of:

Hack Week 11


  • mjura
    about 5 years ago by mjura | Reply

    There is ready salt-ui on github Do you think about something like this?

    • dmacvicar
      about 5 years ago by dmacvicar | Reply

      salt-ui was deprecated for halite, and halite is exactly the low-level kind of GUI that I am not aiming for. I am aiming for something very similar to Spacewalk. System list, actions, policies.

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