As we know, we have ABC notation or GNU Lilypond for music staff. It takes ASCII as input and generates music scores and even MIDI format, which is very convenient for people to type music in computer.

For example:

T:The Legacy Jig
GFG BAB | gfg gab | GFG BAB | d2A AFD |
GFG BAB | gfg gab | age edB |1 dBA AFD :|2 dBA ABd |:
efe edB | dBA ABd | efe edB | gdB ABd |
efe edB | d2d def | gfe edB |1 dBA ABd :|2 dBA AFD |]


However, most music amateurs use Jianpu, which use numbers as music notation. It is very handy and very fast to write Jianpu down to memorize popular songs. For now, there is no available Jianpu notation syntax.

So, what I would like to propose is a markdown syntax extension for Jianpu.

I will show a simple syntax protocol below.

| 1 13 5 5 | 6 i6 5 5 | 3 3 53 1 | 6 13 5 - |
    --         --           --     . --

Hopefully it will generates a beautiful Jianpu format.

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