Currently, only pidgin is support multi-user chat over Groupwise Messenger protocol.

Telepathy (and therefore Empathy) doesn't support it, despite using libpurple from Pidgin project. (

The goal of this hackweek is to write support for MUC (multi-user chat) in telepathy-haze (the telepathy part which is exporting libpurple as telepathy part). And also to fix any other inconsistencies between pidgin and telepathy / empathy regarding Groupwise Messenger usage.


Telepathy framework is pretty complex for a newcomer and its glib wrapping library (telepathy-glib) adds another layer of complexity. Pidgin's libpurple has its own framework, which is also a bit different compared to Telepathy.

Task was not completed: I've some code which starts to implement the needed MUC specification into telepathy-haze but it is unfinished and not working at all. The good point is that it compiles fine :)

It is available at

I hope to revisit this during new hackweek


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