Ruler thumb Build a GUI RSS Reader in python

a project by agraul

I use Qt for Python for the GUI and feedparser for dealing w...

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Ruler thumb Storage War Games

a project by jluis

When we started brain storming a project for hack week, one of the floated ideas was to remake the 1983 film WarGames, and for lack of av...

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Ruler thumb Bring /media directory back

a project by sbrabec

/media was a very comfortable thing standardized by FHS. After introduction of desktop based udisks mounts, the directory became empty. P...

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Saw thumb Getting started with machine learning

a project by krauselukas

My first hands-on machine learning using scikit-learn and tensorflow. If there is time in the end i would like to implement it into one ...

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Chisel thumb restic and kubernetes

a project by darix

learn both and be awesome

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Hand plane thumb Photobooth with RaspberryPi

a project by digitaltomm

The software is a rails app with an Angular.js frontend using the gphoto2 library to trigger a Nikon D60 camera.

Features: take pictu...

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Wrench thumb Architecting a Machine Learning project with SUSE CaaSP

a project by jordimassaguerpla

The goal of this project is to get an overview of the state-of-the-art technology on training and deploying machine learning projects wit...

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Saw thumb Travis CI build monitor for iOS

an idea by nwmac

Create an app for iOS that shows Travis CI build status for my repos and uses push notifications to notify me when a build fails.


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Chisel thumb Run daps on Ubuntu

an idea by ta-ro

Install and test the documentation environment daps on Ubuntu.

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Hand file thumb Transact all the THINGS - sorting out my personal infra

a project by RBrownSUSE

I currently have a lot of personal infrastructure that is in need of some tender loving care and transactionalisation


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